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    Amir Goldkorn, MD

    TitleAssociate Professor of Medicine
    SchoolKeck School of Medicine of USC
    AddressNOR 3444
    Health Sciences Campus
    Los Angeles California 90089-9173
    Phone+1 323 442 7721
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      Collapse Overview
      Dr. Goldkorn’s laboratory-based research program focuses on developing the therapeutic and biomarker potential of circulating tumor cells, cancer stem cells, and telomerase. Graduate students, postdocs and medical students in the laboratory conduct experiments ranging from basic molecular research to translational medicine assays for clinical trials. These research activities synergize with our clinical activities and provide unique opportunities to translate our laboratory and clinical advances into better care for our patients.

      Dr. Goldkorn earned his medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine. He then went on to complete his fellowship in hematology-oncology and post-doctoral research at University of California, San Francisco.

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      Harvard University1990  - 1994Harvard College Scholarship
      UCLA School of Medicine1996  - 1997Letters of Distinction
      American Society of Clinical Oncology2006  - 2007Young Investigator Award
      Stop Cancer Foundation2007  - 2010Research Career Development Award
      American Society of Clinical Oncology2012Merit Award
      Western Society of Clinical Investigation2014Elected Member
      American Federation for Medical Research2015Outstanding Investigator Award
      National Institutes of Health Loan Repayment Program Award

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