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Name, Degree, Contact Information

Profiles gets this data from the USC GDS System. Please direct changes to your data to the Payroll/Personnel Analyst for your USC campus department. If unsure who this person is, contact your department's Business Officer.

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Researcher Information

An individual's profile page shows data drawn from external sources, and may also display custom content added by the researcher.

Name, degrees and contact information are imported from campus systems.

Profile owners may add:
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  • Awards and Honors
  • Research Overview
  • Interests
  • Featured Publications
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  • Student Projects
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Research Activities and Funding come from NIH ExPORTER. Other grants
may be added.

Published articles available
in PubMed are listed automatically. Other publications may be added.
Networks are generated from research available in PubMed.

Research concepts/topics based on PubMed MeSH terms

Co-authors from the same institution

Co-authors from external institutions

Researchers working on the same topics

Many researchers also have Clinical Trials information based on trials listed in