Biju Thomas, PhD

TitleAssistant Professor of Research Ophthalmology
InstitutionUniversity of Southern California
AddressHMR 1333 San Pablo St., MMR 123
Off Campus
Los Angeles CA 90089-9224
Phone+1 323 442 5593
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    University of KeralaPhD1997Behavioral Neuroscience
    University of LouisvillePostdoctoral Fellowship2001Retinal Transplant Program

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    1. McLelland BT, Lin B, Mathur A, Aramant RB, Thomas B, Nistor G, Keirstead HS, Seiler MJ. Transplanted hESC-Derived Retina Organoid Sheets Differentiate, Integrate, and Improve Visual Function in Retinal Degenerate Rats. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2018 May 01; 59(6):2586-2603. PMID: 29847666.
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    2. Kashani AH, Lebkowski JS, Rahhal FM, Avery RL, Salehi-Had H, Dang W, Lin CM, Mitra D, Zhu D, Thomas B, Hikita ST, Pennington BO, Johnson LV, Clegg DO, Hinton DR, Humayun MS. A bioengineered retinal pigment epithelial monolayer for advanced, dry age-related macular degeneration. Sci Transl Med. 2018 Apr 04; 10(435). PMID: 29618560.
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    3. Lin TC, Seiler MJ, Zhu D, Falabella P, Hinton DR, Clegg DO, Humayun MS, Thomas B. Assessment of Safety and Functional Efficacy of Stem Cell-Based Therapeutic Approaches Using Retinal Degenerative Animal Models. Stem Cells Int. 2017; 2017:9428176. PMID: 28928775.
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    4. Seiler MJ, Lin RE, McLelland BT, Mathur A, Lin B, Sigman J, De Guzman AT, Kitzes LM, Aramant RB, Thomas B. Vision Recovery and Connectivity by Fetal Retinal Sheet Transplantation in an Immunodeficient Retinal Degenerate Rat Model. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017 01 01; 58(1):614-630. PMID: 28129425.
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    5. Koss MJ, Falabella P, Stefanini FR, Pfister M, Thomas B, Kashani AH, Brant R, Zhu D, Clegg DO, Hinton DR, Humayun MS. Subretinal implantation of a monolayer of human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelium: a feasibility and safety study in Yucat√°n minipigs. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2016 Aug; 254(8):1553-65. PMID: 27335025.
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    6. Thomas B, Zhu D, Zhang L, Thomas PB, Hu Y, Nazari H, Stefanini F, Falabella P, Clegg DO, Hinton DR, Humayun MS. Survival and Functionality of hESC-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells Cultured as a Monolayer on Polymer Substrates Transplanted in RCS Rats. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2016 05 01; 57(6):2877-87. PMID: 27233037.
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    7. Zhang L, Liu L, Philip AL, Martinez JC, Guttierez JC, Marella M, Patki G, Matsuno-Yagi A, Yagi T, Thomas B. Long-term evaluation of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy-like symptoms in rotenone administered rats. Neurosci Lett. 2015 Jan 12; 585:171-6. PMID: 25481764; PMCID: PMC4295626.
    8. Diniz B, Thomas P, Thomas B, Ribeiro R, Hu Y, Brant R, Ahuja A, Zhu D, Liu L, Koss M, Maia M, Chader G, Hinton DR, Humayun MS. Subretinal implantation of retinal pigment epithelial cells derived from human embryonic stem cells: improved survival when implanted as a monolayer. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2013 Jul 26; 54(7):5087-96. PMID: 23833067; PMCID: PMC3726243.
    9. Ribeiro RM, Oregon A, Diniz B, Fernandes RB, Koss MJ, Charafeddin W, Hu Y, Thomas P, Thomas B, Maia M, Chader GJ, Hinton DR, Humayun MS. In vivo detection of hESC-RPE cells via confocal near-infrared fundus reflectance. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging Retina. 2013 Jul-Aug; 44(4):380-4. PMID: 23883533.
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    10. Hu Y, Liu L, Lu B, Zhu D, Ribeiro R, Diniz B, Thomas PB, Ahuja AK, Hinton DR, Tai YC, Hikita ST, Johnson LV, Clegg DO, Thomas B, Humayun MS. A novel approach for subretinal implantation of ultrathin substrates containing stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelium monolayer. Ophthalmic Res. 2012; 48(4):186-91. PMID: 22868580.
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    11. Marella M, Seo BB, Thomas B, Matsuno-Yagi A, Yagi T. Successful amelioration of mitochondrial optic neuropathy using the yeast NDI1 gene in a rat animal model. PLoS One. 2010 Jul 08; 5(7):e11472. PMID: 20628600; PMCID: PMC2900204.
    12. Thomas B, Shi D, Khine K, Kim LA, Sadda SR. Modulatory influence of stimulus parameters on optokinetic head-tracking response. Neurosci Lett. 2010 Jul 26; 479(2):92-6. PMID: 20488227; PMCID: PMC3995157.
    13. Seiler MJ, Thomas B, Chen Z, Wu R, Sadda SR, Aramant RB. Retinal transplants restore visual responses: trans-synaptic tracing from visually responsive sites labels transplant neurons. Eur J Neurosci. 2008 Jul; 28(1):208-20. PMID: 18662343.
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    14. Seiler MJ, Thomas B, Chen Z, Arai S, Chadalavada S, Mahoney MJ, Sadda SR, Aramant RB. BDNF-treated retinal progenitor sheets transplanted to degenerate rats: improved restoration of visual function. Exp Eye Res. 2008 Jan; 86(1):92-104. PMID: 17983616; PMCID: PMC3074939.
    15. Peng Q, Thomas B, Aramant RB, Chen Z, Sadda SR, Seiler MJ. Structure and function of embryonic rat retinal sheet transplants. Curr Eye Res. 2007 Sep; 32(9):781-9. PMID: 17882711.
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    16. Thomas B, Seiler MJ, Aramant RB, Samant D, Qiu G, Vyas N, Arai S, Chen Z, Sadda SR. Visual functional effects of constant blue light in a retinal degenerate rat model. Photochem Photobiol. 2007 May-Jun; 83(3):759-65. PMID: 17115798.
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    17. Qiu G, Seiler MJ, Thomas B, Wu K, Radosevich M, Sadda SR. Revisiting nestin expression in retinal progenitor cells in vitro and after transplantation in vivo. Exp Eye Res. 2007 Jun; 84(6):1047-59. PMID: 17451684.
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    18. Thomas B, Samant DM, Seiler MJ, Aramant RB, Sheikholeslami S, Zhang K, Chen Z, Sadda SR. Behavioral evaluation of visual function of rats using a visual discrimination apparatus. J Neurosci Methods. 2007 May 15; 162(1-2):84-90. PMID: 17289151; PMCID: PMC3074943.
    19. Thomas B, Aramant RB, Sadda SR, Seiler MJ. Retinal transplantation. A treatment strategy for retinal degenerative diseases. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2006; 572:367-76. PMID: 17249598.
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    20. Thomas B, Aramant RB, Sadda SR, Seiler MJ. Light response differences in the superior colliculus of albino and pigmented rats. Neurosci Lett. 2005 Sep 09; 385(2):143-7. PMID: 15950381.
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    21. Thomas B, Arai S, Ikai Y, Qiu G, Chen Z, Aramant RB, Sadda SR, Seiler MJ. Retinal transplants evaluated by optical coherence tomography in photoreceptor degenerate rats. J Neurosci Methods. 2006 Mar 15; 151(2):186-93. PMID: 16129495.
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    22. Seiler MJ, Sagdullaev BT, Woch G, Thomas B, Aramant RB. Transsynaptic virus tracing from host brain to subretinal transplants. Eur J Neurosci. 2005 Jan; 21(1):161-72. PMID: 15654853.
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    23. Thomas B, Seiler MJ, Sadda SR, Coffey PJ, Aramant RB. Optokinetic test to evaluate visual acuity of each eye independently. J Neurosci Methods. 2004 Sep 30; 138(1-2):7-13. PMID: 15325106.
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    24. Thomas B, Seiler MJ, Sadda SR, Aramant RB. Superior colliculus responses to light - preserved by transplantation in a slow degeneration rat model. Exp Eye Res. 2004 Jul; 79(1):29-39. PMID: 15183098.
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