Spencer Sterling Kellis

Title(s)Research Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery
SchoolKeck School of Medicine of USC
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    1. Kramer DR, Barbaro MF, Lee M, Peng T, Nune G, Liu CY, Kellis S, Lee B. Electrocorticographic changes in field potentials following natural somatosensory percepts in humans. Exp Brain Res. 2019 Feb 22. PMID: 30796470.
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    2. Kramer DR, Kellis S, Barbaro M, Salas MA, Nune G, Liu CY, Andersen RA, Lee B. Technical considerations for generating somatosensation via cortical stimulation in a closed-loop sensory/motor brain-computer interface system in humans. J Clin Neurosci. 2019 Jan 30. PMID: 30711286.
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    3. Lee B, Kramer D, Armenta Salas M, Kellis S, Brown D, Dobreva T, Klaes C, Heck C, Liu C, Andersen RA. Engineering Artificial Somatosensation Through Cortical Stimulation in Humans. Front Syst Neurosci. 2018; 12:24. PMID: 29915532.
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    4. Armenta Salas M, Bashford L, Kellis S, Jafari M, Jo H, Kramer D, Shanfield K, Pejsa K, Lee B, Liu CY, Andersen RA. Proprioceptive and cutaneous sensations in humans elicited by intracortical microstimulation. Elife. 2018 Apr 10; 7. PMID: 29633714.
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    5. Chen BR, Buchanan IA, Kellis S, Kramer D, Ohiorhenuan I, Blumenfeld Z, Grisafe Ii DJ, Barbaro MF, Gogia AS, Lu JY, Chen BB, Lee B. Utilizing Light-field Imaging Technology in Neurosurgery. Cureus. 2018 Apr 10; 10(4):e2459. PMID: 29888163.
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    6. Afra P, Hanrahan SJ, Kellis SS, House P. Non ictal onset zone: A window to ictal dynamics. Epilepsy Behav Case Rep. 2017; 8:123-127. PMID: 29204348.
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    7. Liou JY, Smith EH, Bateman LM, McKhann GM, Goodman RR, Greger B, Davis TS, Kellis SS, House PA, Schevon CA. Multivariate regression methods for estimating velocity of ictal discharges from human microelectrode recordings. J Neural Eng. 2017 08; 14(4):044001. PMID: 28332484.
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    8. Smith EH, Liou JY, Davis TS, Merricks EM, Kellis SS, Weiss SA, Greger B, House PA, McKhann GM, Goodman RR, Emerson RG, Bateman LM, Trevelyan AJ, Schevon CA. The ictal wavefront is the spatiotemporal source of discharges during spontaneous human seizures. Nat Commun. 2016 Mar 29; 7:11098. PMID: 27020798; PMCID: PMC4820627.
    9. Klaes C, Kellis S, Aflalo T, Lee B, Pejsa K, Shanfield K, Hayes-Jackson S, Aisen M, Heck C, Liu C, Andersen RA. Hand Shape Representations in the Human Posterior Parietal Cortex. J Neurosci. 2015 Nov 18; 35(46):15466-76. PMID: 26586832; PMCID: PMC4649012.
    10. Kellis S, Sorensen L, Darvas F, Sayres C, O'Neill K, Brown RB, House P, Ojemann J, Greger B. Multi-scale analysis of neural activity in humans: Implications for micro-scale electrocorticography. Clin Neurophysiol. 2016 Jan; 127(1):591-601. PMID: 26138146.
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    11. Aflalo T, Kellis S, Klaes C, Lee B, Shi Y, Pejsa K, Shanfield K, Hayes-Jackson S, Aisen M, Heck C, Liu C, Andersen RA. Neurophysiology. Decoding motor imagery from the posterior parietal cortex of a tetraplegic human. Science. 2015 May 22; 348(6237):906-10. PMID: 25999506; PMCID: PMC4896830.
    12. Revechkis B, Aflalo TN, Kellis S, Pouratian N, Andersen RA. Parietal neural prosthetic control of a computer cursor in a graphical-user-interface task. J Neural Eng. 2014 Dec; 11(6):066014. PMID: 25394419; PMCID: PMC4381869.
    13. Klaes C, Shi Y, Kellis S, Minxha J, Revechkis B, Andersen RA. A cognitive neuroprosthetic that uses cortical stimulation for somatosensory feedback. J Neural Eng. 2014 Oct; 11(5):056024. PMID: 25242377; PMCID: PMC4410973.
    14. Andersen RA, Kellis S, Klaes C, Aflalo T. Toward more versatile and intuitive cortical brain-machine interfaces. Curr Biol. 2014 Sep 22; 24(18):R885-R897. PMID: 25247368; PMCID: PMC4410026.
    15. Stacey WC, Kellis S, Greger B, Butson CR, Patel PR, Assaf T, Mihaylova T, Glynn S. Potential for unreliable interpretation of EEG recorded with microelectrodes. Epilepsia. 2013 Aug; 54(8):1391-401. PMID: 23647099; PMCID: PMC3731390.
    16. Smith E, Kellis S, House P, Greger B. Decoding stimulus identity from multi-unit activity and local field potentials along the ventral auditory stream in the awake primate: implications for cortical neural prostheses. J Neural Eng. 2013 Feb; 10(1):016010. PMID: 23283406; PMCID: PMC3602219.
    17. Stacey WC, Kellis S, Patel PR, Greger B, Butson CR. Signal distortion from microelectrodes in clinical EEG acquisition systems. J Neural Eng. 2012 Oct; 9(5):056007. PMID: 22878608; PMCID: PMC3476479.
    18. Kellis S, Hanrahan S, Davis T, House PA, Brown R, Greger B. Decoding hand trajectories from micro-electrocorticography in human patients. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2012; 2012:4091-4. PMID: 23366827.
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    19. Smith EH, Kellis SS, House PA, Greger B. Information transfer along the ventral auditory processing stream in the awake macaque. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2012; 2012:5178-81. PMID: 23367095.
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    20. Kellis S, Greger B, Hanrahan S, House P, Brown R. Platinum microwire for subdural electrocorticography over human neocortex: millimeter-scale spatiotemporal dynamics. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2011; 2011:4761-5. PMID: 22255402.
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    21. Kellis S, Miller K, Thomson K, Brown R, House P, Greger B. Decoding spoken words using local field potentials recorded from the cortical surface. J Neural Eng. 2010 Oct; 7(5):056007. PMID: 20811093; PMCID: PMC2970568.
    22. Kellis S, Miller K, Thomson K, Brown R, House P, Greger B. Classification of spoken words using surface local field potentials. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2010; 2010:3827-30. PMID: 21097062.
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    23. Kellis SS, House PA, Thomson KE, Brown R, Greger B. Human neocortical electrical activity recorded on nonpenetrating microwire arrays: applicability for neuroprostheses. Neurosurg Focus. 2009 Jul; 27(1):E9. PMID: 19569897; PMCID: PMC2941644.
    24. Baker J, Bishop W, Kellis S, Levy T, House P, Greger B. Multi-scale recordings for neuroprosthetic control of finger movements. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2009; 2009:4573-7. PMID: 19963841.
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