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    Stanczyk, FrankPerson Why?
    Ethinyl estradiol and 17ß-estradiol in combined oral contraceptives: pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and risk assessment.Academic Article Why?
    Effects of 17 beta-estradiol and progesterone on intestinal digestive and absorptive functions in ovariectomized rats.Academic Article Why?
    Urinary estradiol-17-beta-glucuronide assay for gonadotropin therapy.Academic Article Why?
    Ascorbic acid enhances 17 beta-estradiol-mediated inhibition of oxidized low density lipoprotein formation.Academic Article Why?
    A short study in the treatment of hot flashes with buccal administration of 17-beta estradiol.Academic Article Why?
    The relation of serum 17-hydroxyprogesterone and estradiol-17-beta levels during the human menstrual cycle.Academic Article Why?
    Cigarette smoking in pregnancy results in marked decrease in maternal hCG and oestradiol levels.Academic Article Why?
    Pituitary stimulation test in amenorrhoeic patients with normal or low serum oestradiol.Academic Article Why?
    Oestradiol and SERM treatments influence oestrogen receptor coregulator gene expression in human skeletal muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
    Cross-reaction of contraceptive steroids in competitive binding assays of progesterone and estradiol.Academic Article Why?
    Subdermal estradiol pellets following hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Effect upon serum estrone, estradiol, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, corticosteroid binding globulin-binding capacity, testosterone-estradiol binding globulin-binding capacity, lipids, and hot flushes.Academic Article Why?
    Actions of estradiol on discrete attributes of the luteinizing hormone pulse signal in man. Studies in postmenopausal women treated with pure estradiol.Academic Article Why?
    Serum Nestorone and ethinyl estradiol levels, and ovulation inhibition in women using three different dosage combinations of a Nestorone progestogen-ethinyl estradiol contraceptive vaginal ring on a bleeding-signaled regimen.Academic Article Why?
    17beta-estradiol prevents early-stage atherosclerosis in estrogen receptor-alpha deficient female mice.Academic Article Why?
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