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    Use Profiles Data for Your Website

    Available Data

    Web developers have full access to the data shown in Profiles through a REST API. This allows you to show all or specific profile information and publications for a researcher on any website by writing client or server side code to incorporate information directly from Profiles. More information about the REST API

    Enhance your website with automated data of the following:

    • Data on 3,200+ USC faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and clinical research coordinators in the health sciences – Updated daily
    • Data on over 62,000 USC publications listed on PubMed – Updated weekly
    • Data on 350+ clinical trials – updated daily (USC Clinical Trials REST API)
    • Manually entered data (e.g., photos, research overview descriptions) - Updated either immediately, or daily

    Data Types (supported by REST API)

    • Researcher Name
    • Photo URL
    • School
    • Titles
    • Email
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Narrative
    • Publications (includes source, title, URL)
    • Clinical studies

    Search (supported by REST API)

    • Find people by name
    • Find people by school and department

    Have Questions?

    Contact us at profiles@sc-ctsi.org